Comment être un meilleur programmeur ?

Paul Penrod a répondu à la question : Comment devenir un programmeur sur une mailing liste à laquelle est inscrit Richard K Miller. Richard K Miller affirme que beaucoup de ces possibilités peuvent être appliqué à d’autres professions.

Paul Penrod tire 17 points pour améliorer vos talents de programmeur :

  1. Understand the problem completely first.
  2. There is no perfect language for all problems, although C comes pretty close.
  3. YOUR perfect language(s) will be the one(s) that is(are) most compatible with YOUR thinking process.
  4. Keep It Simple Stupid * ALWAYS works.
  5. ALWAYS document completely what you did * you will thank yourself is six months time.
  6. Never turn down an opportunity to see what someone else did * they may have figured out a simpler, more effective way.
  7. Always be teachable.
  8. There is almost always a better way. Many solutions are at best, compromises.
  9. Learn what others did wrong and don’t repeat their mistakes.
  10. Don’t be offended easily.
  11. There are plenty of intelligent idiots, and few sages * learn to tell the difference and pay attention.
  12. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
  13. Develop your own style. You are a unique individual, and you don’t think the same as anyone else.
  14. It’s an art form first, and technical second.
  15. Software is never “done”. It’s a work in progress.
  16. Have fun with it. If you aren’t enjoying the effort, it will show in the results.
  17. Share what you have learned with others. It pays dividends far beyond the code itself.