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Proposer une news » wood floor appears
Before laying gap is because floor moisture content is higher, maintenance time is not enough, the floor after laid is out of the water evaporation drying shrinkage, make the floor appears between the larger gap. In addition, the floor processing precision is not enough, there are size head, or empty for a long time after laid, the sun, such as air conditioning use undeserved can cause the floor to be out of shape.
Jun real wood floor board (paint) paint, paint, blasting Jun paint floor lacquer face appear phenomenon related to coating paint processing, paint is because floor moisture content is too high, the floor after laid is out of contract cause blowout of face of the paint.
Paint the floor deformation is one of the most appear corrugated shape, wavy phenomenon, the reason is that the moisture content when floor laid is too low, on both sides of the floor be affected with damp be affected with damp inflation after the cock, if floor laid is too tight or too much, too long, this is easy to appear.
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Proposer une news » Введение пола
Недавно, сущность компании решили создать развития предпринимательства и отрегулировать обогатить Mr Xiang лиственных co., LTD., инвестировать в новые заводы, внедрение нового оборудования, укрепления научных исследований и развития производства новой продукции.
Развития карьеры, основной функцией является: 1, ответственных за координировать и направлять разработки новых продуктов, положить вперед мышления нового продукта развития. 2, ответственными за разработку и введение Пол производства новых продуктов, новых технологий, нового оборудования, после утверждения и сообщил руководству компании, координации закупок, материально-технического снабжения, производства и другими соответствующими департаментами организовать осуществление.
Согласно рыночной обратной связи информацию, производственный отдел для улучшения производства технологии, процесса и качества продукции.
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Proposer une news » aggrandizement wood floor
The more than 600 enterprises, in addition to China's floor material industry well-known enterprises, more than 400 other companies are well-known enterprises from all over the world. At the fair, much attention has been paid to the natural material for solid wood base material of the rug of cork floor, bamboo floor and straw not only attracted the domestic consumers, but also by foreign customers.
Compared with the previous products, all of these materials on the performance and appearance has made great improvement and improve.
For example, a new generation of cork floor, have been able to balance the visual effect and the wearability of aggrandizement wood floor of real wood floor, while the color of bamboo flooring, color straw carpet etc, is more in line with people's pursuit for the natural.
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Proposer une news » wooden floor for more
Lens one: consumers, zhang bought in June after the so-called "Brazil red wingceltis" floor, an accidental opportunity in the market there is no "red wingceltis" this kind of wood, the so-called "red wingceltis" is just a normal child Beijing "wood". He thinks the company's action constituted fraud floor.
But floor company, said the company is using the name of the "red wingceltis" sales, due to the current market is not standard, the name of the wood floor is not regulated, and the market will be referred to as the "red wingceltis". And consumers only know red wingceltis, don't know what birdcall wood, red wingceltis is the common name for this kind of wood.
According to relevant data provided by the Chinese association of building decoration materials, according to the red wingceltis is a kind of precious tree species, only in the Tibetan areas in China have a small amount of distribution, is banned logging in tree species, currently on the market sales of red wingceltis are imported.
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Proposer une news » aggrandizement wood floor
Aggrandizement floor not big price cuts of Chinese forest product industrial association flooring committee winnie chang said the director, is the industry as a whole, aggrandizement wood floor enterprise in recent years due to the composition of raw materials and operating costs and no obvious decline, even since 2004 due to the rise in the price of wood raw material aggrandizement wood floor product costs also have a certain degree of rise, so the large scale reduce the cost of price declines are unlikely.
Therefore, in the case of normal operation, the price of 70 yuan the following, it should be said it's hard to get qualified products aggrandizement wood floor. Experts believe the quality, and cheap, especially in less than 70 yuan/square meters of low prices tend to be associated with poor quality even inferior.
The choose and buy the low-quality even inferior product, the operators of the profits obtained is higher than other normal operators, the normal management order of industry, and more of the final consumer buys the home is unsafe, short life of the product, so consumer is when the choose and buy pay special attention.
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Proposer une news » Chinese wood floor market
"China's real wood floor market consumption is very big, the supply of timber resources has been unable to maintain." Huang Anjie hangzhou iconography wood industry co., LTD. General manager said, "hardwood is in commonly one hundred years later to become useful, after the early stage of the massive lop and log number decreased obviously in southeast Asia."
This year, iconography has stopped production of real wood floor, instead, the three layers of the original wood floor, or compound floor. "We now has three layers of the original wood floor. Table plate USES is high grade hardwood, such as Russia, the United States and East Africa, maple, birch, eucalyptus wood, teak, core board is a fast-growing timber, such as the northeast populus simonii, pine, etc.,
can provide domestic, and become useful time as long as more than a decade." Domestic outfit is a major event, is not for one hundred, but at least is a kind of durable consumer goods, not with the rest of my life, but also need at least a decade for eight years.
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Proposer une news » material of the floor
should pull the land directly only but, need not rinse again can let a floor look brand-new. Basically, as long as the note the following points when cleaning, can be done easily. Dirt of cleared eyewinker, broom. Before cleaning, no matter what kind of material of the floor,
to the eyewinker pick up such as toy, button first, reoccupy broom, cleaner, remove dust paper or mop, the dirt of lower part of floor surface, furniture, corner, eliminate of hair, cobweb, lead to the porch and outside the gate, in particular, because major smudgy dirt are comes from here.
General cleaning and maintenance of the floor. According to the floor is qualitative, choose suitable floor cleaner, before using, according to the smudgy degree, will right amount floor cleaner enters the dilute inside pail, again mop by indoor pull the land toward the direction of the doorway.
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Proposer une news » understand through countrywide
Dot akebi sheds information to understand through countrywide content, be like affection of be issued to lower levels roughly: Full continent in: Press ton of plan cost, keep a copy 38 tons. Install 32~33 normally namely ton by 38 tons of plan cost. Tianjin: Press time of plan cost, normal outfit 32~33 ton, according to train wagon, always do not exceed 49 tons! Shandong: Press ton of plan cost, keep a copy 37 tons. Install 32~33 normally namely ton by 37 tons of plan cost.

Jiangsu: Press time of plan cost, normal outfit 32~33 ton, according to train wagon, always do not exceed 49 tons! Fujian: Provincial press time of plan cost, give a province to press ton of plan cost, keep a copy 37 tons. Install 32~33 normally namely ton by 37 tons of plan cost. Guangdong: Bead trigonometry is pressed time by ton all but, give a province to press ton, keep a copy 38 tons. Chongqing: Press ton of plan cost, the 33~35 that keep a copy ton.

Install 32~33 normally namely ton by 35 tons of plan cost. By August 2016, finnish Laoteji company of group and Russia VyatskiyFanernyi Kombinat (the following abbreviation " VFK " ) the autograph is made an appointment with, take order form of plant of plywood of birch of below 32 million euro. Before this, fatigue has had good cooperation with VFK especially, birch plywood plant was offerred to make plant equipment for VFK 2006. Fatigue spy and VFK are maintaining good cooperative relationship all the time, it is the long partner that is as long as 10 years.
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Proposer une news » wood floor market
The 21st century, the product after-sales service has been deeply integrated into people's life, become a part of the product quality. It is a good brand, no after-sales service, and no one to buy. There is no perfect products, only the perfect service.
The purchase, installation, use of aggrandizement wood floor is also the after-sale service at this stage, is very important to choose aggrandizement wood floor businessman after-sales service information. Look from the current situation of day-ahead market, generally speaking, the small brand, the well-known brand, not generally don't pay attention to after-sales service are indisputable facts.
These businesses generally appears in "low", but the products are often unknown, and there is no specific installation team, installation technology is difficult to guarantee, after-sales service without strength, product really have quality problem with customers in the dispute.
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Next Sunday (April 15) [url=]local floor composite deck for sale[/url] , the second floor of sichuan festival will be rich, the grand opening of the household. At present, rich, beautiful household zone each floor strength floor manufacturer has begun preparing the goods and to carry out the various service measures [url=]good timber decks fence brisbane[/url] , in order to have a more "surprise" appeared in front of the consumer.
Section of the floor will be ended on May 13. , accer, chint, essence, nature, rich, superior domestic big brands such as the layer of real wood floor and shengda, iconography, too [url=]outdoor furniture south africa patio fences[/url] , fellig, northern China, paco, such as the building brand manufacturers have said,
aggrandizement wood floor will fully support section of the second floor of each concrete work, and on this platform to fully demonstrate the brand value and the enterprise image. On April 8, 2004, sponsored by our rich [url=]wood decks railing pictures[/url] , beautiful household co-host of "sichuan first floor festival" has achieved unprecedented success.
Proposer une news » couplet of world
Congress of net of couplet of world other people carries out chairman He Xuming Net of couplet of world other people is the whole world all products, article [url=]hardware to build your own outdoor deck tiles[/url] is in centrally one Zhang Ke inquiry, can track, the network system that the intelligence that can choose to wait changes interconnection each other to connect, can promote the world to economy innovates and can develop continuously.

Through content couplet the net [url=]Covering Ugly Cement Porch With Composite Lumber[/url] can strengthen forest products quality to manage further, executive standardization develops the strategy, service place economy grows, push reform of side of lumber industry supply, drive lumber industry transition to upgrade. Content couplet net open times of man-made board new economy, use this one platform, [url=]composite wood plastic shed uk[/url] the international that can have man-made board industry communicates, development international market.

Content couplet net covers industry field extensive, the old and young that involves man-made board industry swims industry, can realize the communication [url=]average cost per square cost per linear foot of eco deck[/url] that cross a boundary, faster find an user, its track trace to the source the monitoring that the function can realize pair of quality and safeguard.
Proposer une news » Promote the use of high - performance asphalt pavement technology
"Superpave" high-performance asphalt pavement road section of the long road life, Anshun Highway Authority to actively respond to the requirements of the Provincial Highway Bureau, not only in the national trunk road reconstruction project to actively promote the use of "Superpave" high-performance asphalt pavement technology,[url=]chip spreader market[/url]
and in 2016 Of the large and medium-sized repair project also to promote the use of the "Superpave" high-performance asphalt pavement technology.
Superpave asphalt mixture has the "poor SMA", which from the design to varying degrees to overcome the three major asphalt pavement damage, that is, anti-permanent deformation or rut,[url=]rcc core cutting machine price[/url]

resulting in cracking fatigue cracking and low temperature cracking, Of the AC series, in the case of construction costs equivalent to the quality of engineering entities have been greatly improved.
It is reported that the Council in 2016 large and medium-sized repair project a total of 24 km, before September 30, 2016 has been completed, the repair project a total of 23.1 km,[url=]100mm led traffic light manufacturers china[/url]

in February 2017 has been successfully passed the acceptance of the Authority.
Superpave is an abbreviation for the English Superior Performance Asphalt Pavement, which is one of the key research results of the US Highway Strategic Research Program (SHRP, 1987-1993). In 1995, the Soviet Union in the country took the lead in the introduction of a full set of Superpave asphalt binder, a mixture of test equipment and a full set of norms, from the Superpave opened the prelude; in 2000, Su Piaoke paved the first Superpave test In 2005, Superpave technology in Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed expansion and other projects to be applied to the study,[url=]asphalt emulsion crack filler[/url]

so that the technology has entered a deep stage of innovation.During this period, Superpave Technology Symposium was held several times. More than 30 US experts have been invited to hold technical lecture to explain Superpave technology from material, design, performance test, construction and quality management.
Superpave from the introduction of technology to laying the test road, so far in more than 20 provinces to promote the use of the total mileage has more than 10000km, and achieved fruitful results. This conference is a review and summary of Superpave technology in China for 20 years. It is also an exploration and prospect for superpave technology. It will bring new opportunities for deepening research and innovation and development of this technology, which is important for the development of highway construction in China. significance.
bamboo products, like, cracking [url=]husker vinyl fencing shipping pricing[/url] , deformation?Wood chair of the expert group, China National Interior Decoration Association Professor of Beijing Forestry University, explained that the Gao Zhihua As a novel environmental protection material [url=]waterproof sheet wood membrane flooring[/url] , the bamboo floor of consumers are very concerned about,
but in practice the time of purchase but a heart put apprehension, in fact, can rest assured that the use of it in the Beijing area.Because bamboo flooring is different from the traditional sense of rattan and bamboo products [url=]anti insect wpc deck for sale[/url] , The original appearance of the traditional technology refers to the use of bamboo,
By heating bend them, Or the method of cutting and the bamboo, In spite of some bleaching, sterilizing and so on the processing of folk arts and crafts, but it's hard to tell from the appearance [url=]pvc fences estimate calculator[/url] , and thus in the dry climate of the north, the bamboo product will often be broken, deformed.
Proposer une news » inspect bureau is announced

Occupy additionally, the Fujian Province pledges inspect bureau is announced 2014 Fujian Province joinery board linkage of product quality country selectives [url=]marine flooring products Manufacturers[/url] examination examine result, have two batch product unqualified. Nominal the one batch joinery that plant of products of 3 friendly wood produces division of the city proper and areas just outside its gates of Pu cropland city board (× 18mm 2014-6-26 of 1220mm × 2440mm) project of moisture content be givinged by check is unqualified,

nominal the one batch joinery that limited company produces course of study of Fujian Province lowing annatto board (× 17mm 2014-4-14 of 2440mm × 1220mm) [url=]waterproof interlocking wood wall panel[/url] project of intensity of agglutination of surface be givinged by check is unqualified. "Current, ' without formaldehyde plywood ' the current situation that existence lacks national level and occupation standard,

the good and bad are intermingled of this kinds of product on the market, we opened the market to also encounter a lot of problems before New Year in how, [url=]Waterproof Garden Wpc Flooring Suppliers[/url] but we establish rigid industry standard stoutly, had attracted now like heart Er floor such well-known company cooperates, will devote oneself to to extend market of environmental protection furniture. " Yang Dianji says.

Proposer une news » also the personage inside

However also the personage inside travel expresses, although the prices of green wingceltis is fervent, the price also is in rise continuously in, [url=]building material for outdoor pavilion in tropics[/url] dan Lutan is small numerous product after all, form to lumber market hard strong reach bigger stimulative effect. And, the price lasts climb litre, also not be a favour to green wingceltis, when its the price exceeds its value far, consumer can choose other substitute necessarily.

Accordingly, [url=]diy slat benches for sale[/url] how to let green wingceltis maintains its demand and earn better profit from this one prices, be worth lumber businessman to think. In recent years, ruins of mulberry of Shu in relief county presses down Party committee, government to adopt a variety of forms, swim lumber industry catenary to fluctuation ceaselessly outspread, ensure lumber treatment [url=]decorative wood and plastic wall panelling[/url] makes the pillar industry that presses down by force to enrich the people.

This town is in guide and give aid to lumber is machined while enlarge can upgrade, pay attention to lead mainland enterprise and introduce foreign company to go up newly plank machinery is made and furniture is made wait for relevant project, hard drawing lumber machines industrial catenary, [url=]Composite Decking As Driveway Border[/url] enlarge lumber to machine the profit space of course of study.
Proposer une news » wooden floor near
At present, a significant portion of the laminate [url=]outdoor pvc deck malaysia[/url] products with special functions, its special functions only play a supporting role consumers can not rely on excessive or arbitrary credulity.Proposal consumer is buying the reliability of the use of technology should pay attention to the factory [url=]how to do railings on split level decks[/url] ,
And get the approval of the departments concerned, at the same time to shop for the detection of the authoritative department report.Three kinds of functional floor-bacterial floor: the floor is to add a certain amount of antimicrobial agents to the flooring material after processing [url=]price of decking per metre singapore[/url] .It can make the surface of the breeding of bacteria was inhibited, so as to achieve the long-term health, the purpose of security.
Heating Flooring: It is suitable for geothermal environment, the laying of the floor, are often not suitable for geothermal heating of solid wood flooring; The flooring suitable thickness of 8 ~ 10mm [url=]balcony floor composite panels cheap sale[/url] .The lock catch type compound floor is better, because there is a small gap between the floor of the hook, so after the expansion is not easy to shape.
Proposer une news » floor prices generally
also to the natural" joint greening public interest action [url=]composite decking prices pennsylvania[/url] . They pledged not to use national logging ban of natural trees, and a year to China green foundation donated 500000 yuan or more donations, used in the key ecological control conduct afforestation, with recovery of forest vegetation, build green homes [url=]synthetic wood joist for decking subframe[/url] . Wood industry according to the state forestry administration management office,
deputy director of the tsunami, at present, our country forestry ecological construction is going to the governance and the key to the destruction of the American stage [url=]pvc floor manufacturing process flow diagram[/url] , the ecological environment worsening situation has been basically under control. At this stage, the development of forestry productivity to a great extent,
dependent on the support and participation of social forces. In Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the United States and other developed countries [url=]composite artificial decking baltimore[/url] , forestry non-governmental environmental movement for the development of the national environmental protection has played a positive role in promoting.
Proposer une news » lumber of a collect

Install developing zone of economy of An Qiu of settle of city of industry of Qiu Guolin timber, be by country of the State Council endowment appoint company of group of forestry of central enterprise China invests build. Program gross area 3000 mus, always invest 5 billion yuan. [url=]wpc wall panel installation[/url] Among them, first phase covers an area of 1000 mus, floor area 550 thousand square metre, and obligate the development space with industrial farther garden.

Garden area is lumber of [url=]How To Build A Deck Around A 24 Foot Pool In Indonesia[/url] a collect the wood production such as all of treatment of entrance, drying, plank, home sells the industrial synthesis at an organic whole, bend force makes radiation domestic and international, the country such as Han of North America of vertical be linked together, [url=]plastic lumber sheeting[/url] day is capacious the furniture distribution centre of the market.

The construction of area of wooden industry garden will change the modes of life and relation to their environment of lumber improvement trade of [url=]wood floor import taiwan[/url] Shandong complete province and even countrywide extensive thoroughly, lead lumber industry to develop way, lay solid foundation for industry development.
Proposer une news » decorates floor
"Integrity decoration" and "service competition" this year will be the theme of the decoration industry [url=]best floor deck review[/url] . Set up the correct view of competition, to provide consumers with true, perfect service, will become a new trend of development holds the market. In 2004, the home installs market entered a competing with large integrated enterprise evolution period [url=]wood composite fences in usa[/url] . Practice has proved that if blindly rely on the compression cost,
through quality service at the expense of the primary level of price competition as a means of marketing, will inevitably impact the healthy development of the industry. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition [url=]sliding closet fence wood composite[/url] , the enterprise should stand at a new height to rethink the importance of service for enterprise survival and development.
Service is the development of an enterprise. In the past, the most decorated enterprises focus on the design and construction stage, along with management idea, the different enterprise scale [url=]timber tech composite deck tongue grove[/url] , strategic target, etc, the so-called "quality service" is just stay on the surface of "form" or "slogan" stage,
then two floors are connected, can automatically close together [url=]composite outdoor fencing ideas[/url] , the effect of the whole floor as never open slot, waterproof effect is better than using normal floor glue. Zyprexa show simple amorous feelings, France zyprexa aggrandizement wood floor is the EPI company production of world famous brand [url=]average cost of labor per foot for stockade fence[/url] .
There are four series (romantic, classic charm, modern country, European style) about hundred kinds of design and color, fully shows that France's long culture. New color, natural texture flooring and simple inviting classic [url=]building pergola on existing composite deck[/url] , the floor of the rural amorous feelings, more suitable for different personality to decorate a bedroom.
Delicate lock base material is completely free and low expansion green core rubber pavement, quicker and more environmental protection not only to make the shop. Random spell of changeable [url=]3 inch wide deck board[/url] , iconography new "do you spell" series floor basically make up the defects of wood floor cannot spelling a flower,

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