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Proposer une news » Choose aggrandizement wood floor technique
Choose aggrandizement wood floor tip 1, observe the appearance of aggrandizement wood floor: qualified shall have indentation on both sides of aggrandizement wood floor, gone, collapse edge, cracking, layered or tenon and edge defect etc defects [url=]High Quality Wood Plastic Composite Decking Sellers[/url] . The front shall not have scratches, drums, bubbles, paper tears, local paper, etc. Observe the clarity of the pattern: the quality of the aggrandizement wood floor pattern clear, natural flow, no heavy shadow, no stain.
Choose aggrandizement wood floor tip 2, Observe the stitching and difference of stitching. Use hand to touch joint feel whether have apparent low and low difference, if have, the quality is poorer. Observation section: the quality of the aggrandizement wood flooring is close, the product section of the poor quality is loose.
Choose aggrandizement wood floor tip 3, check the wear-resisting layer of aggrandizement wood floor skills: usually can use sand paper hand in floor surface grinding 20 times or so, observe the surface decorative pattern with and without damage, if any, indicates the floor wear-resisting performance must reach the national standard. Smell the base material: the quality of the product section does not stimulate the smell of the nose, and the quality is poor.
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Proposer une news » How to choose the parquet flooring?
1, determine the style: in living in adornment, now part of the adornment of a lot of the [url=]Best Floor Build[/url], so choose a parquet floor of household style that accords with oneself, generally have a European style, Chinese style, the Mediterranean, American, and the combination of Chinese and western decorate a style, first determine your decorate a style in the floor to choose suitable style.
2, decorate area and the selection of design: parquet floor generally do not recommend the use of large area, if it is a large area of the family, but before the TV cabinet in the sitting room, bedroom window to the shop is stuck some of the same series of monolithic and composite parquet floor, and the design of ornament shu lang, can reflect the style already, also can make the bedroom elegant clever. If be a bedroom area is relatively small, can consider the position that chooses relatively open and attractive eyeball, shop installs a piece or a group of parquet floor, with bo eyeball.
3, eventually determined that all solutions are decided after, as long as the roadmap, with their own to laid the size of the parquet floor, to the store to pick their favorite that a few good, pay attention to brand, quality and price.
Want to choose the appropriate parquet floor, according to their own decoration situation and the needs of different places, not only by the individual's hobby is to make a decision, according to the laid of the ground to the careful research and planning, in terms of style, material, design, all ready, can tailor products such as general, buy suitable parquet floor.
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Proposer une news » Composite floor cleaning
Deal with compound floor stains, we can dip in with dishcloth take the water that clean out rice at ordinary times, directly to the cloth to wipe gently on the floor, can not only purify besmirch [url=]Outdoor Deck Sale[/url] , also can keep the floor shine.
Of course, you can also choose lighter tools! We wring the mop up to half dry, then focus on cleaning the stain. Be careful here, the mop must not be too wet, otherwise will cause compound floor to soften and deform, that is not good.
Of course, in order to maintain the beauty of compound floor, and lengthen its usable life of lacquer surface, in this place recommend everybody should be on the floor to undertake candle maintenance regularly every year.
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Proposer une news » E0 floor floor installation precautions
Everyone's life will experience a new home decoration, decoration is a systematic project, all aspects of the need for detailed planning arrangements [url=]PVC FENCE SALE[/url] . Flooring is an indispensable material in home decoration, with the popularity of green health home concept, in the floor decoration, more consumption favored in the E0 floor. However, in the specific use, E0-class floor problems, many consumers blame the floor quality is too bad. In fact, the floor problems are caused by a wide range of reasons.
E0 floor floor than other types of flooring more environmentally friendly, not only from the use of its materials, but also because the floor surface paint film process. E0 floor when the installation of the time to be careful, remember not scratch the floor surface, so as not to cause the floor environmental protection, affecting daily use.
In addition, E0 floor safety also need to be assembled when the time can not be too loose or too tight. The floor with the indoor environment changes will be weak changes. Too easy to cause the floor from the Alice and deformation, too loose easily caused the floor gap is too large.
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Proposer une news » Floor laying attention to color matching
The ground color to set off the color of the furniture, and the ground decoration is a long renovation, under normal circumstances, will not often change, so to choose to consider a wide range of factors [url=]Outdoor Deck Sale[/url] . Among them, the neutral color has always been the mainstream color, but if properly, dark, light can achieve the desired results. Under normal circumstances, should pay attention to the following aspects.
The lighting conditions of the room limit the choice of floor color. A good choice of the room can be selected and the larger, the depth can be. And the lower floor, lighting is not sufficient room will have to pay attention to choose a higher brightness, color suitable for the ground material, as far as possible to avoid the use of darker materials.
Color will affect people's visual effects, warm colors for the expansion of color, cool color for the shrink color. Therefore, the small area of ​​the room to choose a dark tone of the cool colors, or simple and bright floor, people have the feeling of expanding the area. If you choose a strong color of the warm floor will make the space appear more narrow, increased the sense of oppression. In addition, the choice of color, should tend to small texture or ruled effect, to avoid large and chaotic pattern.
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Proposer une news » home research group
The index system of decoration and building materials [url=]cheap floor sale[/url] index is a set of index system which reflects the operation situation and development trend of the main city home market in the form of price index.
From the macro point of view, the information system can be used as the national relevant departments and trade associations to adjust the industrial structure and guide the health of the industry.
The reference basis for rapid development can be used as a quantitative supplement to the research of household industry and data statistics.
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Proposer une news » build rich to meet
Custom-built home resides plain clumsy log to appear on 2017 Guangzhou to build rich to meet first Custom-built home resides log of plain clumsy of brand of the log below banner of [url=]discount exterior beige deck[/url] model wood door, will on July 8, 2017 - will appear on the 19th China first on July 11 (Guangzhou) international building decorates exposition.

arrive from quantitative change qualitative change, from medicinal powder taste a brand, arrive from the tradition contemporary, arrive from home international,[url=]residential wholesale tongue and groove deck[/url] chinese board industry changes the voice of development is more and more resonant, the footstep that Chinese board industry surmounts development is sturdier and sturdier.

During producing place of a ton of pulp to grow in its with tree, be opposite environmental influence,UPM and Finnish environment arrange (SYKE) joint development gives a kind of [url=]decorative wooden wall panels[/url] assessment related to lumber product production " ecosystem serves " method. Last week 30*70 norms, the hemlock of length 3M quotes 165 control to 1750 yuan; 30*70 norms, the Hua Qisong of length 3M quotes 1680 control to 1780 yuan.
Proposer une news » floor to the merchants
Or the phenomenon of temporary increase of the business [url=]wpc decking sellers[/url] .In this regard, the energy dissipation considered that: when the consumer is booking the goods, a reservation agreement is signed with the merchant , and the operator shall provide the goods on time according to the content of the agreement.
It cannot be Tui tuo for any reason . If delivery is not possible, the corresponding liability for breach of contract shall be borne.The energy dissipation also warned that if it was only an oral agreement , consumers'own rights and interests would be difficult to secure.
At the same time, the business also has the responsibility to take the initiative to sign the written agreement with the consumer , can not intentionally not sign the written agreement, evade the responsibility.
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Proposer une news » floor surface paint
The problem of indoor environmental pollution is becoming increasingly prominent [url=]ECO Waterproof Fence[/url] .There are 60% of people living in the room, and in the city, the number is up to 80% to 90%.All kinds of indoor pollution have been brought into the family with the decoration, and formaldehyde [url=]pricing for roof pavers lightweight[/url] , benzene and other toxic gases are the main enemy of decoration pollution.
The duration of release can reach 3 to 15 years, which is a long-term potential hazard to human health.With the development of polymer chemistry [url=]center match tongue price[/url] , the existing construction materials have been replaced by high-performance plastics and steel by the former.
Insulation materials, indoor decoration materials and various furniture, walls, floor surface paint, also use more beautiful, economical and practical chemical supplies.According to a comprehensive survey [url=]t g wood composite lumber[/url] ,Building and decorative materials, furniture decoration, ventilation air-conditioning system, office equipment and household appliances are the most important "invisible killer"in the indoor air quality.
Proposer une news » composite wood floor
In May 2003, Ji xiang Wood established the third production base in China [url=]slip over plastic deck overlay[/url] , Heilongjiang Ji xiang.For the north area of high-end furniture, home manufacturers, provide the complete specifications of high-quality high-density fiberboard raw materials.
In December 2003, Ji xiang Wood already has 8 branches [url=]guide on how to make double fence board with floors[/url] , 26 logistics centers, more than 700 stores at any time to provide professional services. In Shenzhen, some 1200 households have been tested by the family [url=]cheap decking budget friendly for stair step[/url] , and the qualified rate is only about 30%.
The unqualified items are mainly formaldehyde and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds).25% of the indoor decoration materials in the interior of the existing radioactive problem.Among them [url=]composite waterproof floor panels[/url] , 70% of the non-qualified residential environment, the most important indicator of unqualified is formaldehyde pollution.
Remerciements » high-quality products
This is not only because of the success of the new brand image of the floor del well-built international strategies, But Delphi Group in grasping quality, scientific and technological, market, and improve the service quality, focus on management, marketing and other aspects of active practice and result of bold innovation.
In a short span of 4 years, The rapid growth of Delphi, the continuous expansion of market share, sales come out in front, become popular with consumers the best brand in the flooring industry in China.Founded in 1993, Ji xiang planted forests Products Group (hereinafter referred to as "Ji xiang Wood") was invested by international financial companies in China.Its investment is $150000000.
Perhaps Ji xiang Wood's investment background is nothing in the crowded society of today's rich businessmen, but his afforestation strategy is in the forefront of the industry.
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Proposer une news » Different floor cleaning
Different types of floor cleaning and maintenance in different ways, so to find out the type of floor they use. Strengthen the composite floor without any special maintenance, just use a small amount of moisture wipe can be wiped. Strengthen the floor surface is a layer of very wearable material called aluminum oxide, the protection of the floor in the life will not be worn, the extra polishing, waxing, etc. but will destroy the surface effect of strengthening the floor.
The surface is solid wood flooring such as solid wood flooring, three-layer parquet, multi-layer parquet, etc., to distinguish the surface treatment process is a paint treatment or natural grease treatment, and then re-use targeted maintenance agent, and maintenance procedures and Methods are also relatively complex, can be asked before the manufacturers or directly called the floor of the manufacturers to provide maintenance services. For the deep maintenance of solid wood flooring, such as the removal of surface paint or grease re-painted on the oil, polished and then painted the surface after the work, preferably by the floor manufacturers or professional floor maintenance company to do.
In the fight against stubborn defacement, qualified reinforced laminate flooring, due to its delicate surface characteristics, stubborn stains with wet wipes can be easily removed. The surface is solid wood flooring, dealing with a little difficulty, such as in the process of the surface of the paint or wood structure damage, but also need to repair agent or repair agent to repair the surface of the trauma.
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Proposer une news » wood floor appears
Before laying gap is because floor moisture content is higher, maintenance time is not enough, the floor after laid is out of the water evaporation drying shrinkage, make the floor appears between the larger gap. In addition, the floor processing precision is not enough, there are size head, or empty for a long time after laid, the sun, such as air conditioning use undeserved can cause the floor to be out of shape.
Jun real wood floor board (paint) paint, paint, blasting Jun paint floor lacquer face appear phenomenon related to coating paint processing, paint is because floor moisture content is too high, the floor after laid is out of contract cause blowout of face of the paint.
Paint the floor deformation is one of the most appear corrugated shape, wavy phenomenon, the reason is that the moisture content when floor laid is too low, on both sides of the floor be affected with damp be affected with damp inflation after the cock, if floor laid is too tight or too much, too long, this is easy to appear.
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Proposer une news » Введение пола
Недавно, сущность компании решили создать развития предпринимательства и отрегулировать обогатить Mr Xiang лиственных co., LTD., инвестировать в новые заводы, внедрение нового оборудования, укрепления научных исследований и развития производства новой продукции.
Развития карьеры, основной функцией является: 1, ответственных за координировать и направлять разработки новых продуктов, положить вперед мышления нового продукта развития. 2, ответственными за разработку и введение Пол производства новых продуктов, новых технологий, нового оборудования, после утверждения и сообщил руководству компании, координации закупок, материально-технического снабжения, производства и другими соответствующими департаментами организовать осуществление.
Согласно рыночной обратной связи информацию, производственный отдел для улучшения производства технологии, процесса и качества продукции.
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Proposer une news » aggrandizement wood floor
The more than 600 enterprises, in addition to China's floor material industry well-known enterprises, more than 400 other companies are well-known enterprises from all over the world. At the fair, much attention has been paid to the natural material for solid wood base material of the rug of cork floor, bamboo floor and straw not only attracted the domestic consumers, but also by foreign customers.
Compared with the previous products, all of these materials on the performance and appearance has made great improvement and improve.
For example, a new generation of cork floor, have been able to balance the visual effect and the wearability of aggrandizement wood floor of real wood floor, while the color of bamboo flooring, color straw carpet etc, is more in line with people's pursuit for the natural.
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Proposer une news » wooden floor for more
Lens one: consumers, zhang bought in June after the so-called "Brazil red wingceltis" floor, an accidental opportunity in the market there is no "red wingceltis" this kind of wood, the so-called "red wingceltis" is just a normal child Beijing "wood". He thinks the company's action constituted fraud floor.
But floor company, said the company is using the name of the "red wingceltis" sales, due to the current market is not standard, the name of the wood floor is not regulated, and the market will be referred to as the "red wingceltis". And consumers only know red wingceltis, don't know what birdcall wood, red wingceltis is the common name for this kind of wood.
According to relevant data provided by the Chinese association of building decoration materials, according to the red wingceltis is a kind of precious tree species, only in the Tibetan areas in China have a small amount of distribution, is banned logging in tree species, currently on the market sales of red wingceltis are imported.
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Proposer une news » aggrandizement wood floor
Aggrandizement floor not big price cuts of Chinese forest product industrial association flooring committee winnie chang said the director, is the industry as a whole, aggrandizement wood floor enterprise in recent years due to the composition of raw materials and operating costs and no obvious decline, even since 2004 due to the rise in the price of wood raw material aggrandizement wood floor product costs also have a certain degree of rise, so the large scale reduce the cost of price declines are unlikely.
Therefore, in the case of normal operation, the price of 70 yuan the following, it should be said it's hard to get qualified products aggrandizement wood floor. Experts believe the quality, and cheap, especially in less than 70 yuan/square meters of low prices tend to be associated with poor quality even inferior.
The choose and buy the low-quality even inferior product, the operators of the profits obtained is higher than other normal operators, the normal management order of industry, and more of the final consumer buys the home is unsafe, short life of the product, so consumer is when the choose and buy pay special attention.
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Proposer une news » Chinese wood floor market
"China's real wood floor market consumption is very big, the supply of timber resources has been unable to maintain." Huang Anjie hangzhou iconography wood industry co., LTD. General manager said, "hardwood is in commonly one hundred years later to become useful, after the early stage of the massive lop and log number decreased obviously in southeast Asia."
This year, iconography has stopped production of real wood floor, instead, the three layers of the original wood floor, or compound floor. "We now has three layers of the original wood floor. Table plate USES is high grade hardwood, such as Russia, the United States and East Africa, maple, birch, eucalyptus wood, teak, core board is a fast-growing timber, such as the northeast populus simonii, pine, etc.,
can provide domestic, and become useful time as long as more than a decade." Domestic outfit is a major event, is not for one hundred, but at least is a kind of durable consumer goods, not with the rest of my life, but also need at least a decade for eight years.
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Proposer une news » material of the floor
should pull the land directly only but, need not rinse again can let a floor look brand-new. Basically, as long as the note the following points when cleaning, can be done easily. Dirt of cleared eyewinker, broom. Before cleaning, no matter what kind of material of the floor,
to the eyewinker pick up such as toy, button first, reoccupy broom, cleaner, remove dust paper or mop, the dirt of lower part of floor surface, furniture, corner, eliminate of hair, cobweb, lead to the porch and outside the gate, in particular, because major smudgy dirt are comes from here.
General cleaning and maintenance of the floor. According to the floor is qualitative, choose suitable floor cleaner, before using, according to the smudgy degree, will right amount floor cleaner enters the dilute inside pail, again mop by indoor pull the land toward the direction of the doorway.
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Proposer une news » understand through countrywide
Dot akebi sheds information to understand through countrywide content, be like affection of be issued to lower levels roughly: Full continent in: Press ton of plan cost, keep a copy 38 tons. Install 32~33 normally namely ton by 38 tons of plan cost. Tianjin: Press time of plan cost, normal outfit 32~33 ton, according to train wagon, always do not exceed 49 tons! Shandong: Press ton of plan cost, keep a copy 37 tons. Install 32~33 normally namely ton by 37 tons of plan cost.

Jiangsu: Press time of plan cost, normal outfit 32~33 ton, according to train wagon, always do not exceed 49 tons! Fujian: Provincial press time of plan cost, give a province to press ton of plan cost, keep a copy 37 tons. Install 32~33 normally namely ton by 37 tons of plan cost. Guangdong: Bead trigonometry is pressed time by ton all but, give a province to press ton, keep a copy 38 tons. Chongqing: Press ton of plan cost, the 33~35 that keep a copy ton.

Install 32~33 normally namely ton by 35 tons of plan cost. By August 2016, finnish Laoteji company of group and Russia VyatskiyFanernyi Kombinat (the following abbreviation " VFK " ) the autograph is made an appointment with, take order form of plant of plywood of birch of below 32 million euro. Before this, fatigue has had good cooperation with VFK especially, birch plywood plant was offerred to make plant equipment for VFK 2006. Fatigue spy and VFK are maintaining good cooperative relationship all the time, it is the long partner that is as long as 10 years.
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