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After the Runescape players were initially Scape first-person shooter based on the team that we have so much fun are encouraged to capture small foreign animal as what led us as a team and still parties.And dance, but this approach Bangui in the game paid off financially, it was the passion and the review at the beginning of moderation as some believed that the game came less than a brand, but reaches more than 300 million US dollars in sales in just five days after the release, which does not seem to apply to more of the game thanks to the figures, which broke record entry barriers, it is partly because of the Activision to spend $ 500 million for the game, and marketing. This is good news for Activision, with great success in the game predicted a few months ago, but before everything is good news for Sony ', which won the bodies of the Playstation exclusive content news. It also led to the largest amount of sales week of release so far this year, especially PS4. I think Sony to cash to buy exclusive in this case, despite the fact that success was not entirely unexpected - Sony calls the vendor video game system, when it was not just one day - that seems tired of all sales expectations of his fortune. He explained SCEA vice president of developer relations and publisher Adam Boys, the game broke the record for the fastest bought PS4 games and most played in the first week of sales. In fact, last week we had one of the biggest shopping weeks PS4 equipment Christmas Festival 2013 in Boise even added that the quantity purchased is the fastest and most popular game PS4 [after]. News which is usually detrimental to other entities, such as the cityscape reports are: second son, because people ask: 'What happened in the case of not spell them sell a lot of systems, but here is just the opposite. Instead, it sheds light on a smart move Sony 'activities. Rumors can be loud around a lot, but the fact that they are the most common and most games PS4 issue the first week of sales is very useful for PS4 to sell, but also exclusive content for PlayStation and beta, as well as due to the fact that 'Microsoft's marketing could play console 'Xbox', probably this is the biggest factors.This they are not all those guys exactly Sony PS4 is likely that these sales do not disclose at the end of the quarter, we disclose self some statistics. According Gematsu sold 91,277 the fate of the PS4 in Japan (where game for PlayStation exclusive) and PS4 has seen sales go from 7299 to 23 623 a week, unlike the Xbox One only 25 674 Japanese Sony has sold the launch fruit declined. Healthy or not such a big contract further if 'Activision is going to inevitably franchise and give the sequel is ready to talk. Now that the fate of the huge sales, prizes and a large study is enormous absolute content of Vendome flammability, it will be more expensive for Sony to do the same next time. But it must be mentioned, and can be very profitable for them, in fact. CVG explains why 'Microsoft's' Halo' is not on your computer. It's easy to forget that during the previous Halo games were with the computer at the same time, but because it is, at least in the days when 'Halo' enough, I think the Xbox. 'Aura': Head of the core group, of which the four main halo, Master Chief are packed together in a star, it would be a great place to make the fans into the fold computer (Microsoft also has computers), but not for the benefit of business opportunity.




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